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Once you enroll with QC Pet Studies, you’ll be matched with a personal tutor who will review your work and provide you with in-depth feedback and advice throughout your course. QC’s accomplished tutors are Certified Master Groomers with years of experience in the dog grooming industry. They are eager to share their professional insight and help you achieve your career goals!

Lisa Day

Certified Master Groomer   |  40 years of experience

Lisa Day grew up in the dog grooming industry and is now a Certified Master Groomer with over 40 years of experience. She trained in multiple salons before opening her own shop in Southern California. After running a successful business for many years, Lisa moved to Canada where she continues to work as a full-time groomer. She has an impressive portfolio that highlights her ability to expertly shape and style any dog. As Lisa says, “I can look at a big mop of hair and say ‘I can create something out of that.’”

Lisa is passionate about training the next generation of dog groomers. She has conducted numerous workshops and seminars, and has worked as a certifier for the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists. Lisa is also an accomplished show groomer who has won multiple awards across North America. In 2010, she placed first for Poodle obedience in the categories of “Poodle in Canada” and “Non-Sporting in Canada.”

Lisa grooms dogs because she loves them. She enjoys being an integral part of a dog’s healthcare team, as well as working in an industry that allows her to be flexible and independent. In Lisa’s own words, “I don’t work. I get paid for doing something that I would do for free.”

Paddy Gaffney

Certified Master Groomer   |  17 years of experience

Paddy Gaffney is a Certified Master Groomer who has been grooming for over 17 years. She currently runs her own salon based in Ottawa, Ontario. She loves spending her days with both dogs and people, and is passionate about working in an industry where “you can be your own boss.”

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Paddy is also an artist who creates pet portraits in her spare time. She says that grooming fulfills her creative needs because “it’s like sculpting the dog with scissors.” Paddy’s artistry is evident in her work; she has an eye for detail and continuously produces beautifully groomed dogs.

As a salon owner, Paddy has trained groomers with varying levels of experience. She has also worked as a certifier for the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists. Paddy loves sharing her knowledge and passion with aspiring groomers, and she is excited to help students learn and succeed throughout their course.

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