Dog grooming school graduate Casey Bechard at work
Student Features
October 12, 2018

I Graduated from Dog Grooming School – Now What?

QC Pet Studies graduate Casey Bechard shares her advice on how to launch a dog grooming career after graduating and earning a dog grooming certificate!

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mobile dog grooming business washing dog outside
BusinessCareer Advice
October 5, 2018

Is Mobile Grooming for You?

Although not as common as home or salon grooming, a mobile grooming business is a great option for the aspiring groomer. Find out if it’s the right path for you!

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dog grooming tips that will save you some money
Tips and Tricks
September 28, 2018

7 Dog Grooming Tips That Will Save You Money

Dog grooming isn’t cheap! If you just got your first puppy and already love it to death, you’ll probably be…
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the hardest would you rather quiz for certified dog groomers
September 21, 2018

The Hardest “Would You Rather” Quiz for Dog Groomers

Are you a certified dog groomer? You might struggle to answer these “would you rather” questions… give it a try!

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As a student and after graduation, what should you do with your dog grooming certificate ?
Career AdviceEducation
September 14, 2018

Quiz: What Should You Do With Your Dog Grooming Certificate?

Feeling stuck after graduating from dog grooming school online and finally getting your dog grooming certificate? Take this quiz and find out which path might be for you!

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Dog grooming course return in September for back to school
September 7, 2018

Back to School: Getting Back into Your Dog Grooming Courses

Getting back into your courses after a fun and relaxing summer is hard! But if you want to earn your grooming certification in record time, you need to get back into your dog grooming courses. Here’s how to make the most out of your time!

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dog grooming kit with clipper brushes and combs for pet grooming
August 31, 2018

Your Professional Dog Grooming Kit: Brushes, Combs, and Dematting Tools

Before you start scheduling practice grooms, learn about the features and uses of all the tools you have in your dog grooming kit!

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9 Pet-Related Industries to Consider After Dog Grooming School
Career Advice
August 29, 2018

9 Pet-Related Industries to Consider After Dog Grooming School

If you’ve ever wanted to explore other industries while still working with your furry friends, have a look at our list!

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