dog groomers grooming a miniature schnauzer
Career Advice
April 12, 2019

6 Mistakes ALL Newbie Dog Groomers Make Their First Year

QC Pet Studies graduate Casey Bechard shares the 6 most common rookie mistakes all newbie dog groomers make their first year!

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dog grooming business - dog on grooming table for a dog grooming job
Career Advice
March 22, 2019

How to Handle Bad Reviews For Your Dog Grooming Business

Your clients don’t like your groom? Don’t take it personally! Read this to deal with a bad review without destroying your dog grooming business’ reputation!

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dog grooming tips to banish pet odors
Tips and Tricks
March 15, 2019

Banish Stinky Pet Odors with These 5 Tricks

Coming home to a stinky dog is something every pet owner can relate to. Here’s how to treat AND prevent pet odors in your home!

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girl on app with dog
March 1, 2019

3 Dog Grooming Business Apps That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Love innovative tech products that actually work? Discover 3 new apps that make all aspects of the dog grooming business a breeze!

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dog portfolio for dog grooming jobs
Career AdviceTips and Tricks
February 22, 2019

3 Musts to Include in Your Dog Grooming Portfolio

Certified dog groomer and QC Pet Studies graduate, Casey Bechard, shares 3 portfolio musts and secret tips and tricks to land your dog grooming job!

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The Pet grooming Shows & Conventions You Need to Attend This Year To Find Dog Grooming Jobs- Dog Sitting At Grooming Show - Feature Image
Career Advice
February 15, 2019

The Pet Grooming Shows & Conventions You Need to Attend This Year

Pet grooming shows are a great way to network your way to the dog grooming job you’ve always wanted. Check out this list of the biggest grooming shows!

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online dog grooming school online student before and after photos by Katie Harris
Student Features
February 8, 2019

Student Feature: Katie Harris

Check out QC Pet Studies student Katie Harris’ work! Starting as a complete beginner, she’s already booked 3 weeks in advance for her grooms!

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become a dog groomer
Career AdviceEducation
February 1, 2019

Do I NEED to Attend a Dog Grooming Academy to Become a Dog Groomer?

Want to become a dog groomer? Find out if getting professional training at a dog grooming academy is worth it!

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