First Aid Unit

You’ll learn how to prevent illness and injury and how to safely respond to emergency situations.

Completing the first aid training will increase your confidence and credibility and will provide both you and your clients with peace of mind.

First Aid Unit Overview

Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Prevention is the best way to avoid illness or injury. You’ll learn precautionary measures that will help you create a safe grooming environment, including developing an emergency plan and assessing a dog’s health.

Build Your First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential in the grooming environment. You’ll learn how to stock your kit with the items you need to administer first aid to yourself and your canine clients.

Assess a Dog’s Vitals

Assessing a dog’s vitals allows you to determine the type and level of care that he needs. You’ll learn how to perform a primary and secondary assessment on a dog to uncover any injuries or health concerns.

Respond to Medical Conditions

Learn how to safely and efficiently respond to common medical conditions affecting dogs, including dehydration, seizures, wounds, burns, cysts and bruising. We’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to recognize symptoms and administer the proper care.

Perform Life-Saving Procedures

Rescue techniques can save a dog’s life. You’ll learn how to administer CPR on small and large dogs, how to perform rescue breathing, and how to safely respond to unconscious dogs. This knowledge will help you remain calm in the event of an emergency.

Keep Yourself Safe

Groomers also need to be diligent about their personal health and safety. You’ll learn how to prevent and address injuries and illnesses that affect groomers, including bites, scratches, sprains, allergies and respiratory issues.

First Aid Assignments

In the First Aid Unit of your online dog grooming course, you’ll be tested on your knowledge of proper emergency response and injury prevention. Your assignments will allow you to study the first aid skills you need in case of emergency situations.

View the assignment sample below to see how you’ll practice emergency response throughout your First Aid Unit.