Unit E

In Unit E, we walk you through how to trim a dog’s hair and how to create a polished final look.

You’ll learn how to groom different coat types, create popular pet cuts and add stylish finishing touches.

Unit E Overview

Dog Groups and Coat Types

Discover the traits and characteristics of different dog groups, including the Sporting Group, Terrier group, Herding group, Toy group and more. Learn which breeds belong to which group and how to manage their qualities during the groom. Gain the knowledge you need to identify common coat types, including smooth coats, short coats, double coats, wire coats and more. You’ll also learn the best practices for brushing and bathing each coat type.

Pet Cuts

Choose a cut that complements a dog’s health, lifestyle and appearance. Discover the tools and techniques you need to create a number of popular cuts, including the lamb cut, kennel cut, maternity cut and more. Learn how to achieve a round foot, a clean-shaven face and a Poodle’s distinctive topknot. You’ll also learn how to hand strip a dog and how to create balance and symmetry in your work.

The Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is one of the most requested and universally flattering pet cuts. Detailed demonstrations teach you the techniques involved in creating a round teddy bear head and round, plush teddy bear feet. You’ll also learn how to choose the best tools to achieve a smooth, even coat length on the body and legs.

Finishing Touches

Get creative! Learn how to create a stylish final look using pet products and accessories, including bows, barrettes, bandanas, feathers, colognes, colored chalk and more. You’ll also learn how to safely add a tied-up topknot to a dog’s hair. Stay safe by learning which beauty practices are dangerous for dogs and should be avoided.

Unit E Assignments

For your Unit E assignments, you’ll continue your hands-on training by studying dog breeds and coat types. Discover how you’ll work with different dog groups and coats by understanding the characteristics of each and explaining your knowledge of their needs.

View the assignment sample below to see how you’ll be assessed on your knowledge of proper grooming techniques for various coats.