Unit D

In Unit D, you will learn how to prepare a dog to be trimmed and styled.

The preparatory work includes cleaning his ears, clipping his nails, trimming his pads and brushing, deshedding and dematting his coat. You will also learn safe and effective techniques for bathing and drying the dog.

Unit D Overview

Preparing for the Groom

Completing the prep work is an essential step before you can trim and style a dog. Gain hands-on experience grooming and maintaining a dog’s nails and hair. Learn how to clip a dog’s footpads, how to clean his facial folds, how to trim his sanitary area and more.

Cleaning the Ears

Gain hands-on experience grooming a dog’s ears. Learn which breeds have excess ear hair that needs to be removed. Practice using ear powder and hemostats to safely remove hair from inside a dog’s ears. Next, learn how to use a cleaning solution and a cotton pad to thoroughly clean a dog’s ears.

Nail Trimming

Learn the anatomy of a nail, including how to locate the quick and how to differentiate between flat nails and hooked nails. Gain hands-on experience trimming white and black nails to a healthy length without cutting the quick. You’ll also learn effective techniques for handling a quicked nail.

Brushing Techniques

Understanding a dog’s muscular and skeletal structure lays the groundwork for interpreting grooming patterns. Learn all about dog anatomy and the proper anatomical terms used in the grooming industry. Discover the physical variations between breeds, including different types of skulls, ears, eyes and tails. You’ll also learn about different coat features such as beards, skirts, topknots and furnishings. Each of these variations comes with its own safety concerns and styling options.

Working with Matted Dogs

Learn how to locate a mat, how to determine its severity and when you need to shave the dog’s coat. Gain hands-on experience using a dematting tool to safely and properly work through a mat. You’ll also learn how to educate owners about mat prevention and proper brushing techniques.

Drying Dogs

Learn how to completely dry a dog’s coat with a high-velocity dryer or stand dryer. Gain hands-on experience using a dryer to achieve a straight, dry coat. You’ll also learn about dryer safety, including when to use protective head gear and how to work with a fearful dog.

Unit D Assignments

Your assignments in Unit D of your dog grooming course will have you practice your hands-on skills for prepping a dog to be groomed. This includes proper techniques for brushing, clipping, bathing, drying, and more.

View the assignment sample below to find out how you’ll be assessed in your abilities to prep a dog for the groom.