Unit C

Unit C will introduce you to the products, tools and equipment that are essential to your success.

You’ll learn how to select appropriate blades, brushes and scissors, as well as how to use and maintain your toolkit.

Unit C Overview

The Groomer’s Toolkit

Discover how to build a professional toolkit and how to use specialized equipment such as grooming tables, restraints, bathing systems and dryers. Learn how to choose the best type of brush to achieve a healthy, tangle-free coat. Next, learn about different types of scissors, clipper blades and snap-on combs that will enable you to create a variety of cuts and styles.

Brushes, Combs and Dematting Tools

A healthy coat is essential to a dog’s wellbeing. Learn the proper technique for using a variety of coat tools, including brushes, combs and dematting tools. Detailed demonstrations teach you how to reduce shedding by removing dead and excess hair from a dog’s coat. You’ll also learn how to work through mats and tangles and how to care for a severely matted dog.

All About Clippers

Your clippers are one of your most important tools, allowing you to trim a dog’s hair and to create a variety of styles. Learn about choosing blades and snap-on combs to achieve a specific coat length. Detailed demonstrations teach you how to attach and detach a blade, as well as how to clean and maintain your clippers. You’ll also learn safe and effective clipping techniques, including how to hold your clippers and how to avoid nicking a dog’s skin.

All About Scissors

Scissors are an essential tool to shape and style a dog’s hair. Learn about different types of scissors, including curved scissors, thinners, blenders, chunkers and more. You’ll also learn how to choose the best pair of scissors to create a range of looks and finishes. Detailed demonstrations teach you the proper way to hold and operate your scissors to achieve clean, even cuts.

The Grooming Environment

Your course instructors walk you through the process of setting up a clean, safe and functional salon. Learn where to place your furniture and equipment, which paint colors to choose, and how to create the ideal lighting. You’ll also learn how to manage your electrical setup and how to maintain good air circulation. Finally, your instructors teach you the proper way to clean your workspace and how to dress for the job.

Unit C Assignments

Your Unit C assignments will have you practice your techniques for working in the grooming environment, from setting up your workspace to using your dog grooming tools. You’ll show your tutor what you’ve learned in this unit, including how to identify the proper type of scissors to use for each dog breed you groom.

View the assignment sample below to find out how your tutor will assess your knowledge of grooming tools and techniques.