Resources for Dog Groomers

Use QC’s free resources to build your skills as a professional dog groomer.

In your career, you need to know industry best practices and gain essential skills from your online dog grooming courses. Learn how to launch a successful career as a dog groomer with QC’s resource library!

 You’ll find out…

  • What you need to start a career in grooming
  • The pros and cons of a dog grooming certification
  • The job description of a professional groomer
  • Skills you’ll need for your career

 You’ll also discover…

  • A dog groomer’s checklist
  • Reference guides for grooming tools, breed groups, and coat types
  • A reference book for dog behavior
Learning to bathe a large dog

Your Career as a Dog Groomer

Become a professional dog groomer and see where your career can take you in the industry! Download your free resources to get started.

Pros & Cons: Your Dog Grooming Certificate

Discover the job of a professional groomer, and what it means to be certified. You’ll learn the pros and cons of a grooming certificate, plus how to become a certified dog groomer on your own time.


10 Commandments of Dog Grooming

Learn the ten commandments of professional dog grooming. You’ll find industry best practices and rules to stick to in your grooming business. Know the most important aspects of grooming a dog to refine your skills and technique.


Becoming a Dog Groomer

Do you have what it takes to become a dog groomer? Learn the important skills you’ll need to launch a successful career in the industry, including endurance and patience. Learn the working conditions and role of a groomer, and where to start your grooming career.


Dog Behavior: Cheat Sheet

Learn common signs of various dog behaviors, including relaxation, stress, and warning. Get to know proper calming signals and how to recognize a dog over threshold. Find out the physical signs that will keep you and your dogs safe during a groom.


Quick Guide: Grooming Tools

Know the common types of dog grooming tools you’ll use throughout your career. Find out about accessories, styles, and tools for various aspects of grooming.


Quick Guide: Dog Breed Groups

Learn the dog breed groups you’ll work with as a professional groomer, including sporting, working, and herding. Find out which breed belongs in each group.


Quick Guide: Dog Coat Types

Learn the characteristics of dog coats, including common issues and grooming needs. Know how often each coat should be bathed, brushed, and trimmed by a groomer.


Pet Grooming Checklist

Discover the skills and traits you need to become a successful pet groomer. Learn if a career in dog grooming is right for you based on your goals and personal interests.


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