Working as a professional dog groomer can be a blessing, or it can be a curse. It really depends on your own priorities and how you choose to look at your chosen field. If you’re thinking about starting a dog grooming career, there are definitely some pros and cons to think about before you begin your journey!

Pro: You get to work with dogs every day!

dog groomer holding many puppies

If you’re a hard-core dog lover like I am, this is a dream come true. Dogs are awesome. They love the world and are never boring. Getting to work with dogs day in and day out means you get to know their personalities and quirks, learn more about canine body language and communication styles, and you’ll go home every day in a good mood.  Sure, they have their share of challenging qualities, but to the avid dog lover, that’s just more reason to swoon!

Con: You have to work with dogs every day

Let’s be real: to most people, the idea of working with dogs every day will quickly become a nuisance. Dogs (especially dogs in a stressful environment like a grooming salon) can be unpredictable. They’re loud, obnoxious, and they can cause injuries if you’re not careful.  You’ll need to learn to be particularly mindful of how you handle and interact with them. Though some people would much rather work with rowdy dogs than with people, the reality is this job isn’t for everyone.

Pro: You get to work on your feet

dog groomer washing the dog

If the regular white collar office job sounds insanely boring to you, then you’re in luck! Dog grooming is one of those careers that will have you up and moving all day long. No sitting at a computer for 8-10 hours a day for you! You’ll be working with your hands. One thing we can guarantee about a dog grooming career: it’s never boring!

Con: You have to work on your feet

There’s no escaping that dog grooming is a very physically challenging career. Being on your feet all day is a guarantee, not an option. You’ll be manoeuvering in all sorts of unnatural ways, often lifting/positioning heavy things (ahem, and heavy dogs), etc.  For a number of people with physical impairments (or people who are just not in good shape), that makes grooming a pretty inexpedient career.

Pro: You can run your own business

dog grooming running a dog groomer business

Many groomers work independently as freelancers, eventually opening their own professional grooming salon.  Running your own business can be an awesome career move! You set your hours, dictate the practices your staff follows, and you reap the benefits of a full-time business owner. What could be better!

Con: You have to run your own business

Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner, and that’s okay. There are a lot of “unknowns” that come with running a business, including the big one: What happens if your business doesn’t make money?  That can be an extremely stressful undertaking if you’re not in a good financial position, or if you just don’t like the idea of that much stress. The good news is, you can still have a successful dog grooming career by working at established grooming salons. Be honest with yourself about which path is best for you!

Pro: There’s always more to learn

happy dog groomer

Dog grooming is an industry that’s always evolving and changing. If you’re someone who loves keeping up with new trends and techniques, this can be the perfect career path for you! There are always new skills to master and new styles to inspire you. You get to attend amazing grooming conferences and summits, where likeminded professionals share their knowledge to enrich your career.

Con: There’s always more to learn

As with most careers in ever-changing industries, being a professional dog groomer means that you’ll never fully put down the books. The need to learn won’t stop once you’ve received your dog grooming certification. You’ll be expected and required to continue your professional training, with additional courses, seminars, conferences, lectures, etc. until the day you retire.  While some people thrive in this type of career, others cringe at the idea of “always learning”.

As you can tell, every amazing advantage to starting a dog grooming career can also be seen as a huge disadvantage. It really comes down to your personality and your view on the profession as a whole.  But if you’re an avid dog lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, who looks forward to hands-on work and is delighted at the idea of learning new things, then a dog grooming career can be absolutely perfect for you!

Interested in the various jobs you can choose from as a professional dog groomer? You’d be surprised at just how many career options are at your disposal!
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