Thinking about finally taking the plunge and becoming a dog groomer? It’s worthwhile to know that the dogs you groom are happier, cleaner, and healthier after using your services. The emotional satisfaction is there, but what about the money?

Sometimes people expect groomers to ignore the salary aspect of grooming. After all, the act of serving animals and making them happy is payment enough, right? But, satisfaction doesn’t pay the bills. Especially if you want to do it full time! You need to eat somehow!

If you’re wondering just how much you can expect to make as a groomer around the world, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading!

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What’s the average wage you can expect?

Unsurprisingly, the average national earnings of a pet grooming in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are about the same. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

United States of America


  • The national average income of a groomer hovers at just $24,000/year (CAD)! But, experienced groomers can earn $40,000 or more!
  • Source (ICS Learn / The Globe and Mail)


  • Dog groomers in the United Kingdom can expect to earn £13,000 – £20,000/year (GBP) based on a 35-hour work week.
  • Source (National Careers Service)


  • The national average wage for a dog groomer is between $31,000 -$46,000/year (AUD).
  • Source (Helmsman Digital)

New Zealand

  • Dog groomers in New Zealand can expect to earn between $17-$27/hour (NZD). Top earnings can expect to take home $45,000/year (NZD)!
  • Source (Careers NZ)
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What factors affect wages?

The biggest differences aren’t found in national averages, as they all have their fair share of urban, rural, and suburban groomers. Also, these countries have similar standards of living.

The wage you start with all depends on the minimum wage of where you live. It will then increase over the years based on experience. The more experience you have, the more opportunities you’ll get! Location also plays a major part in how much wages across a single country can vary. For example, if you work in Beverly Hills or New York City, you’ll earn more than a groomer in Oklahoma!

Top groomers earn hefty salaries winning grooming competitions or working for the stars! Mariah Carey spends £28,000 a year to groom her dogs! And with Paris Hilton’s teacup Pomeranian, Prince Hilton, who lives in excess in a two-storey, air-conditioned, designer mansion, you can expect her groomer to also charge a pretty penny for grooming services.

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Types of dog grooming

The amount you earn will also vary depending on where you work and whether you’re self-employed or not!

  • Mobile groomer: Most mobile grooming prices start at $70. You have to factor in overhead such as maintenance of the van as well as travel and insurance!
  • Retail groomer: Retail groomers average about $10/hour in an entry-level position. With experience, they can make around $14/hour. It doesn’t sound like much, but working for bigger corporations and retail chains, like PetCo, come with complete benefits packages!
  • Salon: Most salon workers work off commission, although 20% of groomers do work on a salary basis. Meanwhile, hourly wages are common for assistant groomers and bathers. Commission usually comes in around 40-60% of the price of the groom. The salon owners need to cover overhead and make a profit! You can earn around $28,000/year on just on commission.
  • Freelance: Freelancers can also expect around $28,000/year. This changes depending on the duration of the contract.

Check out this article for more information about dog grooming salaries, including commission, hourly wages, or salaries!

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