As a certified dog groomer, you’ll want to start finding new clients right away. But hold on – how are you going to keep track of their contact information? What about their pet’s lifestyle and medical history? And how will you remember what each dog’s personality is like?

All of these things can be solved by introducing software and technology into your grooming business. With the sheer amount of apps out there, you’ll definitely find one that suits your business needs – from the amount of clients you have, to using different devices throughout your career.

Read on to find out the top apps you should be testing out for your pet grooming business!


A one-stop-shop for professional dog groomers, whether you’re running a pet salon or you’re freelancing as a mobile groomer. This software allows you to schedule appointments for multiple services – say a full groom or just a quick nail trim – and it allows your customers to access their appointment info, as well!

One of the most important features of BizBark? It allows owners to see their pet’s medical history and diet plans whenever they need to. This is super important for groomers, because it will allow you to access the information their vet recommends. Encourage your clients to be vigilant about updating the information every time their pup is in for a checkup.

Not only will this feature help you learn about the dog’s lifestyle, it will give you insights to the best styles and grooming techniques to use. And you won’t have to worry about losing your notes, since it’s all in the palm of your hand.

Oh yeah – BizBark is also great on the business side of things. Get yourself noticed by local pet owners and other businesses through the search listing feature, and notify locals of current promotions. Plus, you can add in the people you work with for complete business management! Cool, huh?

Working with dogs as a pet groomer

GroomPro POS

Similar to BizBark, this software will help you manage your grooming business by giving you detailed schedule and appointment views. From planning employee shifts to finding out which customers are coming in on a daily basis, you’re able to see a full rundown of your business day!

What’s really fun about this app is how you can use emojis to note which customers are new or existing, and you can check them in through the app. It’s a unique feature that makes each day run a little bit smoother.

As with other grooming software, GroomPro POS allows you to keep track of medical and appointment history so you know what’s happening with each pup that walks into your salon. But they do take it a step further with their marketing tools – you can remarket to previous customers, and you can request for them to write reviews (which we all know is business gold).


Next on the list is Pawfinity – another grooming platform that allows you to track your clients, both human and canine! However, this app has a few unique features that might suit your grooming business better than others…

If you find you have trouble with clients trying to swindle down your prices, this software can help you out. There’s integrate payment processing so you can have clients pay from home! Just get them to log on, and they can make their payments hassle free (and you won’t have to deal with bullies).

Payfinity also has a system that texts or emails your customers to give them updates about appointments, invoices, and more. It’s an easy way to stay connected with your clients while making your business go green!

Appointment apps for pet grooming business


Alright, so we’ve been through every feature that a grooming business could possibly need…right?

Wrong – there are a thousand different software apps and every one will offer something unique. This is why Sappsuma makes it onto our list! This app offers a few different features, like social media marketing tools and management for multiple branches. Yes, you can definitely use other software apps for all of your branches, but selecting an app created especially for that purpose will give you complete management of each location.

The other thing this app offers is a customer loyalty program, which can help bring in tons of new customers! People love being rewarded for their business, period. If you currently have or are planning to implement a loyalty program for your dog grooming business, it will be worth controlling it on one platform. This way, you can see how it’s performing and which clients are due for a reward!

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