Any dog grooming professional will tell you how rewarding and fun a career as a dog groomer is. And if you’re considering grooming as a profession, you’ve already done your homework and know it’s a thriving field to break into.

So how are you going to make your dreams a reality? We’re all busy with full-time jobs, studies, and family, which makes the thought of going back to school (and starting a new career) seem overwhelming. It just doesn’t seem feasible!

Trust us – completing a dog groomer course and eventually grabbing that dream job as a is not only doable, it’s actually a lot easier than you think…

Read on for our top tips on working your dog grooming career around your day job, and get motivated!

Consider online professional training

Before heading into any new field, it is very important to consider your professional training options. In the case of dog grooming, the industry is largely unregulated and there is no legal requirement for education in order to become a groomer. However, that should not stop you from researching potential dog grooming schools – the courses will build your dog grooming skills, and you’ll get a professional certification, as well.

You’re probably thinking that you don’t have the time to complete a full dog grooming course, and we totally understand. We’re all busy, and it’s just not feasible to add another huge time commitment to your schedule. Dog grooming schools realize this, and that’s why so many online dog grooming schools have popped up over the past few years!

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If you’re interested in a grooming career but need to move through training slowly, an online dog grooming course is your best bet – they’re flexible, accessible from anywhere, and much less hassle than attending a brick and mortar school. You’ll be able to keep your full-time job and other responsibilities on track while finishing your dog groomer training.

Start slowly

When easing into a dog grooming career (as with any new career), you don’t want to rush into it at full tilt. Your day job pays the bills, and therefore takes priority over other things in your life – as it should!

The great thing about dog grooming is that once you have completed your training, you can take baby steps into the industry to get a feel for the work. This way, you won’t be totally overwhelmed with your busy life.

Because dog grooming is such a hands-on profession, you’ll need to gain some experience. Knowing best practices and proper techniques is highly valuable, of course, but employers and clients want to see that you can handle any size or breed of dog, and know what to do in emergency situations. You can get these skills down pat (no pun intended) through experience as a dog grooming assistant, job shadowing, or even offering grooming services to friends and family.

You don’t need to fill up your schedule with this, either. If you work five days a week, spend a couple of evenings working as a grooming assistant and gaining valuable experience. Or, spend a few hours each weekend bathing and brushing some furry friends that live nearby. You’ll have the best of both worlds!

Start a dog grooming business

Many aspiring dog groomers pursue this line of work with the ultimate goal of being their own boss. The great news is that you can totally start your own business as a dog groomer, which will allow you more freedom and flexibility.

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If the thought of starting your own grooming business seems daunting, you’re not alone. Many dog grooming schools realize that business ownership is highly desirable for professional groomers (and many aspiring groomers don’t have prior business knowledge). So, this training is built into your dog grooming classes – which saves you from splurging on a separate business course!

Once you know the ins and outs of starting your own business, you can make it happen for yourself and actually keep your day job while doing so. Many dog groomers operate their businesses out of small salons, mobile studios, or even their homes. You certainly don’t need to work full-time in a grooming studio.

You can also choose how many clients you to take on, which brings us to our final point…

Narrow down your clientele

Business owners have a lot of control both over the hours they work and the amount of clients they take on. As a professional dog groomer with your own business, you can schedule appointments at your own convenience. Many groomers want as many clients as possible to increase their income and experience, but if you already have a day job, this may not be the best route for you.

Only take on as many clients per week as you can while still keeping a healthy balance with your full-time job and other commitments. You don’t want to burn out or become completely overwhelmed and unhappy!

The beauty of owning a dog grooming business is that you can totally work your grooming career around your current lifestyle. And if things change, and you decide to become a full-time dog groomer, it won’t be a difficult change to make – simply increase your hours, obtain more grooming clients, and let your community know that you’re offering full-time services!

Considering enrolling in an online dog grooming course? Read on for 5 great reasons to start your career today! 

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