Becoming a professional groomer is an exciting decision – but where do you start? How can you get proper training that’s credible in such an important industry?

There are tons of grooming courses out there, and many will fully qualify you to be a successful dog groomer. However, there are a few things you should always look for in a dog grooming school!

Read on to find out exactly what you need in your training to become a credible dog groomer!

Detailed Instruction

Every dog grooming school should have this first on the list! Detailed teaching and instructions throughout the course are the most important parts of groomer training. Since you’re working with live animals, you need to know the minute details. This includes what to look out for, what to expect, common scenarios, proper techniques, and much more! Without the details, you can’t be expected to groom professionally.

You’ll know if your course is detailed enough in your very first unit. Take a moment and decide – is this common sense, or is it a valuable and learned skill?

If it’s a credible dog grooming class, it’s likely quite valuable! Check out the unit overviews of this online course to see just how many skills you’ll gain.

Time to Practice

Of course – with any new career path you need time to actually practice your skills! What good is learning if you can’t use your new-found knowledge?

When you’re looking for a dog grooming school, take into account your own schedule and lifestyle. If you tend to be busy most of the time, or have a hard time keeping your schedule organized, you may want a course with flexible training. An online course is your best bet for this situation. And yes, online grooming schools still give you complete hands-on training!

If you have more time on your hands, you can pick your poison. In-class training courses are great, as you can meet new people and network. But that’s not to say that you can’t do that in an online course! It all depends on your personal preference – whether you want a strict schedule to follow, or you want the freedom to practice and learn in the comfort of your own home.

Check out both options and decide what’s best for you!

Practical Courses

Dog grooming isn’t hypothetical – it’s extremely hands-on and requires lots of practice to learn the right techniques. In any dog grooming school, the courses should give you practical, real-life experience. From practicum units to having you submit photos of your own (dog) models, you should be working with real animals!

It may take some prep and pre-training to learn the motions and skills before you dive into an actual groom. Theory is important, like learning anatomy and temperaments, and will prepare you for actual grooming appointments.

Constructive Criticism

Positive reinforcement is a huge motivator for learning new skills. And that’s something QC’s tutors are best at! But you should also be corrected if anything isn’t quite right – even more so when it comes to grooming pups.

Although you might get some great feedback for your first trim, it’s also crucial for your tutor to tell you upfront if anything could use improvement. Now, there is a positive way to do this: constructive criticism!

As a student, you should expect that any professional grooming school will give you both the praise and advice you need. It’s all about refining your skills to make you successful, and that means you need personal feedback! Your teacher should be able to view your work and explain what they see, rather than just slapping a grade on your projects…

Student Resources

Some may think this is a perk that schools provide, but we think it’s pretty essential to a successful career. Whether it’s extra training materials, business training, tool guides, forums…they just need to be accessible to you.

You should have all the help and support you need to finish your grooming course – and enjoy the whole process. Be sure that your school offers support services and some sort of resource for you to take advantage of, even if it’s just student discounts!

Finding a professional dog grooming school takes time – do your research, assess your own needs, and write down your career goals. Look for a course that suits all of your needs! We know it’s out there.

Start your career on the right foot by avoiding these rookie groomer mistakes!

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