Grooming appointments should be both pleasant and safe, leaving dogs looking and feeling their absolute best! In order to make this happen, dog groomers need to ensure that their salon is stocked with the very best in grooming tools, and that the environment is safe and pet-friendly.

Keep your clients happy (and your salon busy) with our guide to dog grooming gadgets which will simplify grooming appointments!

Grooming gloves or mitts

Dog groomers spend a great deal of time brushing, as a dog’s coat needs to be smoothed out before bathing or using shampoo. When it comes to short-haired dogs, less work is needed, and a grooming glove (or mitt) can be used instead of an actual brush!

Created with a textured palm and fingers to trap dead hair and pull it off the dog’s coat, this gadget is worn on your hand and is great for removing hair quickly. But speed isn’t even the best part – use this on short-haired dogs that come into your grooming salon, and they won’t even realize they’re being brushed! The touch of this grooming glove is so light that the brushing component of the grooming appointment will be a total breeze!

Example of professional dog grooming tools and gadgets

Low lift, silent grooming tables

When dogs enter your salon, they are likely apprehensive about what’s to come – after all, it’s an unfamiliar setting (even if they’ve been there before) and they may not be comfortable being touched or handled. This is why sturdy, high-quality equipment is so important.

Proper grooming tables, in particular, are imperative to the overall grooming experience – these tables should lower far enough so that even the smallest dogs can step on without the table wobbling or causing too much anxiety. Your furry client should feel secure as the table is heightened, so it should move slowly and be solid.

Along with being safe and secure, grooming tables should also emit as little sound as possible, so they don’t cause anxiety or panic. This tricky because grooming tables are operated by an electric motor.

As a dog groomer, purchasing a high-quality, silent grooming table, such as the Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table from ComfortGroom, will be costly, but it is an excellent investment in the well-being and safety of your clients, as well as a gadget in your salon which will make all appointments easier!

Walk-in tubs

While most dogs love water, that doesn’t mean they love bath time! Dog groomers know that bathing dogs requires a lot of energy and that a sense of calm is absolutely necessary to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you’re faced with bathing a large breed of dog, a walk-in bathtub is your best bet. These tubs are generally less than 10” off the floor, making it easy for large dogs to step into, and come equipped with at least four restraints to keep the dog in place. With a non-skid bottom, you can be confident that the dog will not slip and become panicked at any time, which will allow for a much easier grooming appointment for all involved!

The Groomer’s Best Walk-in Bathing Tub is a top of the line bathtub that will ensure that dogs are safe and happy while being bathed.

Dog being professionally groomed

Lightweight vacuum

Dogs are, of course, your number one priority as a groomer (that goes without saying!). However, you do have a business to operate and a salon to maintain, and the brushing, trimming and bathing involved in each grooming appointment can leave you with a lot to clean up!

Having the right vacuum on hand to pick up dog hair is key. Ideally, this piece of equipment will be less than 20 pounds with a clipper suction attachment that is very quiet. The Hanvey Hair Vac Vacuum System, for example, sucks up dog hair before it even hits the floor, meaning that you won’t have to handle hair and won’t come into contact with fleas or ticks.

Having a reliable, high-quality vacuum on hand will ensure your salon stays tidy and as hair-free as possible, which will minimize the clean-up time needed between grooming appointments and make your life a lot easier!

Thinking of enrolling in dog grooming classes in order to become a professional dog groomer? Read on for some pros and cons!

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