Accessorizing is a great way to highlight a dog’s unique personality. Through different colors, textures and patterns, you can make your furry clients look handsome and feel fabulous. Owners will love your finishing touches, and may even request extra pampering for their pup during the next grooming appointment!

Your advice about which accessories will suit each dog helps owners keep their pal clean and comfortable. That being said, there are many different options out there. And although accessories are fun to use, they shouldn’t make dogs feel out of their element.

Wondering which ones to use and which ones to skip? Follow this quick guide for using popular accessories on your dog grooming clients!

Dog grooming tools and accessories for a dog salon


One of the easiest ways to accessories your furry clients is to add bandanas. They look great on every dog, and come in various sizes to suit each dog size and coat. Bandanas can be customized for any dog – from sports teams to colors to patterns, or even a clever quote, every dog will walk out of your salon looking like a million bucks!

Owners might ask if you have bandanas on hand, or they may already have one selected. A bandana is simple to accessorize with, just make sure the dog won’t trip! As long as you choose the right length and don’t tie them too tight, bandanas will make your dog clients feel pampered and handsome!

Bows and Barrettes

Bows and barrettes are trickier to choose, but they add an element of fun and creativity to your services! When choosing hair accessories, make sure that the materials are safe (just in case they’re chewed off!). The most popular place for bows and barrettes is on top of a dog’s head. But be sure you to attach accessories to the hair and not the skin! We all know how painful pinched skin can be, and we definitely don’t want your furry pals going through that.

Just like bandanas, hair accessories come in a variety of colors and patterns. Owners might have a preference, but if not choose one that suits a dog’s personality. Attach bows, barrettes, and elastics carefully – you’ll need to leave at least half an inch between the accessories and the scalp. Show owners how to attach them properly as well, since they’ll love this new look!

Remember: If a dog isn’t used to an accessory or is visibly uncomfortable, it’s best to remove the clip or elastic – you don’t want to cause any harm to your furry friends! And just in case, you’ll want to have a pet first aid kit on hand for any emergencies.

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Nail Caps

Applying caps to a dog’s nails can protect them from excessive scratching, as well as protect humans form long or sharp nails. Nail caps should be used on dogs with shorter hair, since adhesive can be painful if it gets stuck to fur! Caps come with special adhesive to apply them to a dog’s nails, so be sure you’re not using any other type of glue.

But since some dogs have fast-growing nails, you’ll need to familiarize with how long the caps stay on. You don’t want your dog clients to feel any pain when their nails start growing in! Let owners know that the caps will need to be removed by a professional groomer (preferably you!). You’ll learn to remove caps and other common accessories in QC’s new online Pet Studies course, coming soon!

Deodorizing Spray

Like deodorant and perfume for humans, there’s scented products to keep a dog smelling fresh and clean. Deodorizing spray is designed to keep dog odours at bay. Recommend an animal-safe deodorizing spray if owners complain of any unpleasant smells their dog may experience in between grooming appointments.

However, dogs can also have allergic reactions to scented products. You’ll need to apply small amount to be sure it doesn’t irritate your client’s dog. Watch for signs on the skin or in a dog’s eyes for irritation, or they might try to scratch the area if it feels uncomfortable for them! Once you know that a specific product works for a furry client, take note of the brand and how much you used. This keeps owners satisfied since their dogs are healthy and fresh!

Testing out new accessories on your canine clients is fun and exciting. With proper dog grooming training, you’ll be prepared to advise owners on what finishing touches will work best for their pal. So study up – there’s a world of grooming accessories for you to learn!

Want to showcase your creative accessorizing? Learn how to take the perfect before and after photos with our guide to pet portraits!

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