We can’t get over the hilariously adorable pet accessories on this year’s holiday gift guide!

It was a struggle, but we narrowed down the best and most brilliant accessories so you can find your pet a Christmas present he’ll love! And hey, some of them will be quite exciting for you too.

So without further ado, here’s our ultimate pet accessory gift guide for this holiday season!

Pet Stroller

I mean, sometimes your dog gets tired too!

Having a pet stroller on hand is useful for days when the ground is too hot for your dog’s paws. Or if your pal has had a recent procedure, why should he be denied his usual walks? Invest in a pet stroller if you want to embrace the “pet parent” lifestyle!


This is perfect for long walks and trips to the dog park! Pack extra food and water for when your pal needs some energy. He’ll be thankful you’re ready to go and have a snack on hand when he needs a break. This easy-carry travel container makes day trips with your pal easy and fun!

Pet accessory and dog accessory guide for christmas gift ideas

Christmas Hats

Okay, these are just so cute!

There’s even a little bell on the end of this elf hat to let you know when your best friend is near. And who wouldn’t find the faux human ears on your dog end-ear-ing? Have your own little elf help give out presents on Christmas morning!

Or get a little giggle out of your dog walking around as a Christmas tree with this silly hat. He’ll be the life of the party this Christmas!

Automatic Feeder

A perfect accessory for busy pet owners!

This feeder lets you stock the container and set a time for when your dog will be fed. If you have a meeting that might run late or are heading straight out to dinner after work, one of these can save your pal from going hungry when you’re not home on time!

Cute dog accessory - dog bow tie

Dog Ties

Have a formal event coming up? Consider taking your pal when he’s dressed up to the nines! These dog bow ties are genius – no one can tell you that an event is too formal for pets. Your dog will outshine them all!

BFF Necklaces

If you want everyone to know there’s only one best friend in your life, check out this BFF necklace and tag for you and your dog! Show your love and affection for your pal by wearing matching accessories.

After all, there’s no better friendship than between a dog and his owner!

LED Dog Collar

Keep your dog safe on nighttime strolls with this light-up LED dog collar from Glow in the Bark! It’s great for walks in the dark – especially when winter rolls around and the sun sets at like, what, 3pm? And you don’t have to worry about your pal sneaking up on you at home either – you’ll see him coming with this swanky collar!

Pair the collar with these reflective dog booties and your pal will be the flashiest (and safest) guy in the neighborhood!

Dog Camera and Treat Tosser

Best. Gift. EVER!

We know that this is a big investment (a $249 one to be precise…) but this gadget is super cool! You can watch your dog from your phone by downloading the app, and you can also speak to him! Which means you can comfort your pal when you’re not home if he’s sad or scared.

What’s more, this little machine lets you toss your dog TREATS! When you’re not home! Isn’t that amazing?! Top it up before you leave for the day and reward him for being well-behaved at home.

Dog travel bag or pet carrier

Doggie Travel Bag

If you’re going on a trip or spending the weekend away, pack everything your dog needs into this convenient doggie travel bag! There’s room enough for some toys, food, treats, and a water bottle holder. It comes with a pullout tray for water and food for easy meal times!

Now this is what we call smart packing…

Dog Cottage

Don’t just send him to the dog house – send him to a cottage! This incredible dog cottage features food and water dishes, a mini porch and a side container for storage. Your dog will feel luxurious in his new home away from home!

Or, if you have a pet who’s not so high-maintenance, check out this adorable pet tent! It’s for smaller pets and literally looks like a strawberry. Who could resist?


There are so many options for pet clothing – but these ones are winners, hands down!

Take a look at this sweater dress that’s super cute for your diva dog, or this Batman costume for your little superhero.

If you live in a region with harsh winters, consider a dog parka to keep your pal warm on your winter walks. Or for the rainy season, a raincoat to keep your dog dry! That means no shaking rainwater all over the house.

We could make this whole gift guide just about pet clothing, but we should probably let you do the rest of the shopping. You’re sure to find something your dog will look fabulous in!
There are countless gifts to give your pet this Christmas, and these are just a few clever ideas to choose from! Stop by your local pet shop to browse the pet accessories to find something your pal will love!

What’s your idea of a great Christmas gift for your pet? Let us know your favorite accessories in the comments!

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